Bitten gets renewed for a second season (x)

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Elena Michaels- Shining light,The bright one.

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Bitten: The P A C K

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"Why is it that the right people never wind up together? Why are people so afraid to leave a relationship, even if they know it’s a bad one?"

Stephanie Perkins, Anna and the French Kiss (via bibliophilebunny)

"oh god you’re beautiful
I wish I could kiss
the sad out of you
I wish I could look
in the eyes of yours
moonlight blue
or like a
forrest full of moss
your lips
are like rose petals
and your voice
sounds like velvet feels
I remember
when you told me this
you wanted me
and I wanted someone else
I can only imagine
the pain in your chest
as the same as I have now
aching bodies, and bleeding hearts
i’m sorry
I never fell for you
and I don’t know
if it makes you feel better
if I tell you that
I wish I had"

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I’ve heard that
“the hardest thing
you’ll ever have to do
is watch someone you love
love someone else.”

I thought I understood it.
I thought I had felt it.

But I didn’t understand
how hard it actually is
until I was staring at him
under a star illuminated sky
at 4 am
and I could see the pain laced
on his facial features
his hands on his head
as he talked about all the things
wrong with his relationship
and I didn’t understand
how it felt until
I heard the hurt in his voice
as he repeated “this is so unfair”
again and again and again.

Well, life is unfair
isn’t it?
The boy I love
loves another
who treats him
as he once treated me.

They say I’m such a good friend
for what I did
but Jesus Christ,
I didn’t want to just be his friend.


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Monsters didn’t fear. They were fear.
Now I had a chance to try that for myself.

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After I first met you, you came for the job posting as my research assistant; Pete bet me a bottle of bourbon. What was the bet? That I’d fall in love with you.

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"[Clay and Elena] should be together, from Clay’s perspective, that’s his one and only ever love. And I think Elena knows that deep down inside, too (…) the human side of their love is really strong and eternal."

Greyston Holt (x)

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